M.I.A.S. (Mini Invasive Advanced Surgery) is Italy’s first multi-disciplinary training centre for minimally invasive surgery.
Here it is possible to learn more about and try out laparoscopic surgery techniques, together with next-generation technologies, without any risk to patients. Our courses are specially organised for healthcare bodies and universities so that they can get the best from our expert surgeons and train the surgeons of the future.

  1. The professional TRAINING of specialized and specializing doctors and surgeons, of the various specialist disciplines, promoting and creating courses and schools for the preparation and improvement of surgical professionalism with the use of advanced laboratories and technologies.
  2. The DEVELOPMENT of innovative and minimally invasive techniques and technologies such as surgical instruments and instruments for surgical planning.
  3. Clinical RESEARCH in the surgical field.
  4. By establishing SYNERGIES between companies and institutes in the medical field.

For this reason, MIAS Foundation has founded the Advanced International Mini-invasive Surgery Academy – AIMS Academy: a surgical training school that also houses a clinical, technological and translational research center.


Since 2010, MIAS Foundation has been promoting an enhanced model of theoretical and practical training for various surgical and interventional specialties.

With the advent of minimally invasive endoscopic surgery and with the introduction of increasingly innovative technologies in the surgical field, the need for training in the field and a continuous refinement of skills has become increasingly evident, in order to make surgical procedures more and more secure.

Unfortunately, the training method in surgery has not evolved hand in hand with technology, and statistics show that medical errors are still numerous and burdensome for National Health Systems.

In another highly technological area, air transport, the integration of hours of practice on a flight simulator has led to an increase in safety standards and a drastic reduction of errors.

Similarly, recognizing the benefits of practical simulation in an experimental laboratory, some governments (USA, United Kingdom, France) have already made this practice an integral part of the training courses for specialist surgeons.

Foundation promotes the diffusion of this training path also in Italy, in order to obtain:

  • Greater competence of the medical-scientific class
  • Lower clinical risk
  • Reduction of the risk of litigation
  • Savings for the National Health System

Every year more than 500 young doctors have the opportunity to learn by taking advantage of the dry / wet laboratory experiences and lessons held by our prestigious international faculty.

To meet the training needs and possibilities of younger surgeons, MIAS Foundation promotes the development of specific courses for trainees.

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In order to increase the safety of patients undergoing surgical procedures, MIAS Foundation is developing software that applies artificial intelligence technologies to medical images for a better and more immediate understanding of the patient’s anatomy. In this way we aim to provide surgeons of the near future with Virtual Clone, an enhanced software for surgical planning and early diagnosis of tumors.

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Since 2018, MIAS Foundation has launched a long-term clinical research program by promoting and guiding the creation of a training platform and support for network clinical research.

This project resulted in the creation of the AIMS Academy Clinical Research Network and the creation of a shared registry for data collection.

Since 2020, the training path for clinical research led by doctors, researchers and statisticians has also been open to professionals and entities outside the Network.

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